Frontline Aftermarket AnalysisJune 15th, 2024

Participating Underwriters

The Participating Underwriters report takes every IPO and Secondary and groups them by underwriter name. It makes no difference whether the underwriter is the lead or co-manager. In seeking out a specific underwriter, this report will outline all the deals in which that firm will be participating. The actual status of lead or co-manager is listed for each stock.
Two proprietary indices can be found on this report.
1. - IPOfn Ranking Index - a ranking that has a range of -4 at the low, to 12 at the high. The number is the only forward-looking index of the expected opening premium of all the IPOs in which that underwriter is involved.
2. - IPOfn Profile Index - a weighted average of the IPOfn Ranking Index with the size of the offerings. It will be a rough idea of which underwriters have access to greater size in the deals they underwrite.