Frontline Aftermarket AnalysisJuly 21st, 2024

Soft Dollar Brokers

There are 2 ways to pay for stock market research services:
1. - Hard dollar payments, which means the institution receiving the services just writes a check to the research provider.
2. - Soft dollar payments are paid by a brokerage firm to the research provider to provide the research services to its client, the institution. This situation happens most often because the institutional account does large amounts of commission business with that broker. Paying for services out of commission monies is perfectly legal and done by the majority of institutions. This is a marketing tactic that keeps the client happy, and as we all know, happy clients do more business, more business means more commissions for the broker, etc. There are special brokers within these firms that do soft dollar business.

This section is designed to showcase brokers at these firms and the soft dollar services they provide. Any brokers who appear in this section have paid IPOfn a fee. IPOfn does not endorse these people, nor does it represent these firms and the brokers listed within, nor does IPOfn share in any of the commissions that are generated. If a some client sees a broker in this section and decides to do business with that broker and takes our institutional service, then that same broker would pay IPOfn for that service out of the commissions the client generates.

This information is designed specifically for the institutional client to connect with a new soft dollar contact. All the necessary due diligence pertaining to anything related to the advertising brokerage firm and/or broker, is the sole responsibility of the customer.


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